Import Products

To import your products into PrognoStore, you need to have your product list to hand.

1. Download PrognoStore product import template  (you can download it below)

2. Update the downloaded template with your products and save it down. Make sure the product details you copy match the column headings.

3. Do not change the column headings provided on the Products Template as your product import will fail and you will need to download the Product Template again.

4. The following headers are compulsory. You must fill them out;

  • Product Name
  • Product Group
  • Default Price
  • SKU

5. You should make sure there are not duplicates for these columns otherwise the import process will fail.  

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Barcode

The only exception is if you have products with variants. For this, see #6 below

6. Adding products with variants e.g. if you have different colours and sizes for a particular fitted shirt.

  1. Complete the first row/line of the product with variants, say Bonei Fitted Shirt
  2. For the other variants of Bonei Fitted Shirt, leave the following fields blank as they will be automatically completed for you to avoid duplicates.
    • Product Name
    • Product Group
    • Default Price - if the prices are the same
    • SKU


7. Browse for the saved template you completed

8. Click IMPORT to complete product upload

9. You will get a notification of a successful upload or otherwise.

10. Where there are duplicates on the import template, you will be notified of these duplicates.

11. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the duplicates. Edit the import template and upload again. 

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