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  1. Tracking Inventory is where you view the ‘Products in Stock’, all the products you have in stock, that is, all the products you hold at every given point in time.
  2. You can sort these list of products by using ‘Sort by’. Sorting can be done by
    • Barcode
    • In stock low to high
    • In stock high to low
  3. You can view specific products in stock by refining your search using ‘Refine by’. You will be able to refine by products or by Suppliers.
  4. For more analysis, the ‘Products in Stock’ list can be exported to Excel or PDF file formats
  5. Another task you can perform here is creating an order for selected product.
    • Select the product you want to re-order
    • Click ‘Create an order for selected’. This will take you to the ‘New Stock Order’ form.
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