Editing an order

Home > Inventory > Stock Order > Edit Stock Order

  1. You will need to login to your account to edit any order
  2. Click Inventory, then ‘Order Stock’
  3. Click ‘Edit’ on the ‘Order History’ list to view an order on the order history and make changes if required. This takes you to the NEW STOCK ORDER screen. This is divided into three (3) sections
    • Order Summary: shows you
      • Title of order
      • Order number
      • Date order was created
      • Order from (this is the supplier)
      • Invoice number
      • Due at (this is expected delivery date)
      • Deliver to (this is the delivery address)
    • Order Products:
      • Here you can add additional products to an order
      • Export the Order to a CSV or Excel files
    • Order Status: you can change the status to one of these
      • Save as draft
      • Save details and send to supplier
      • The order is in transit
      • The order is received
    • Click FINISH
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