Viewing stock-takes

Once you have performed your stock-takes and wants to view them at any point in time. To do this

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click ‘Inventory’ in the menu tab, then ‘Stock Control’ on the side bar
  3. Click on ‘Stock Takes’ and this takes you to the ‘Stock Takes History’
  4. You will see your historical stock-takes, click VIEW on the stock-take you want to view
  5. The details screen shows
    • Title
    • Date
    • Time
    • Outlet
  6. Click ‘Edit Stock-take to make changes
  7. Click ‘Export to XLS’ to send to spreadsheet for more manually review and analysis
  8. Click ‘Submit Stock-take’ to complete the stock-take if you are with the details. This applies to draft stock-takes only. Ensure you are happy with the details before submitting.
  9. You can Export to XLS by hitting the ‘Export XLS’ button and PDF click ‘Export PDF’
  10. Click ‘Go to Stock Control’ to exit. This takes you back to the Stock Control screen
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