Creating new users

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To add users (store help) to your store navigate to the Users icon then click on Create User. There are four areas of a user profile:

    1. Insert the user picture by clicking on Upload photo > click on the browse tab to select your saved picture for the user
    2. Then add the user to an Outlet – The term outlet here represent your store location> in case you have more than one outlet.
    3. Next assign a register to the user from the list of active registers <This is important because a user can only have access to active registers in the outlet
    4. Enter the user personal information; Name, Email, Phone, Gender & Date of Birth
    5. User Role: then assign role and privilege to the user < Check the box next to the privilege(s) you wish to assign. This is very important for security measures.
    6. In addition to the user privileges, the admin and supervisor privileges will allow user access system-wide permission.
    7. Click SAVE
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