Will my data be safe?

Absolutely! PrognoStore is a cloud based system and this actually makes it safer for your based. We do not store any of your sensitive data like credit card information on PrognoStore thus providing additional protection for you. In the unlikely event of an outage, your business data will not be lost as all PrognoStore user generated data is backed up as part of our risk management strategy.

Yes your data is safe and available whenever you request for it. PrognoStore utilizes the best available security tools in cloud technology by utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) which encrypts your data while in transit.. Your data at rest stored on the AWS infrastructure is stored according to the standards given in the PCI / PCA DSS.

We also ensure that your data is available whenever you need it and downtime is less than 0.001% by implementing cutting edge real time fault tolerant system utilizing the best standard practices in cloud technology.

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