PrognoStore and Xero Integration: How it works!

The partnership between PrognoStore and Xero is a link between your PrognoStore account and your Xero accounting software. Data transactions like sales, payment total and inventory orders are automatically sent from your PrognoStore account to your Xero accounting software. PrognoStore and Xero integration saves hours of manual uploads and automates daily processes.

  1. Connect - PrognoStore connects to Xero and updates critical data, so the two systems are always in sync.
  2. Automation - This saves you valuable time by automating items such as register closure, inventory, customer details and more. Say goodbye to manual uploads.
  3. Insights - Now you have at your fingertips the critical information needed to make the right decisions. Information such as your best customers, cashflow position, aged debtors and more, are readily available.
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