Setting up your PrognoStore-Xero integration

Before you start

Before you set up the integration, you need to put a few things in place for the smooth transition of your data.

  1. Have a PrognoStore account
  2. Have a Xero account
  3. Set up tax rates and tax groups in PrognoStore and Xero
  4. Enable payments in any Xero accounts you want payments to go to if different from bank accounts in Xero, which are by default enabled.
  5. Consider store processes like layaways, gifts vouchers, free sample, returns and credit notes


Initial Accounts Setup

  1. Prognostore Account – Go to to create an account.
  2. Xero account – Go to to create a Xero account
  3. Set up tax rates and groups in PrognoStore. If you haven’t set up one please see here
  4. Set up tax rate in Xero. In Xero go to Settings > General Settings >Tax Rates (IMAGE)
  5. All tax rates in PrognoStore must match with your Xero tax rates
  6. If you have group tax rate, use the Xero tax components. First set up an individual tax rate in Xero and then set up the group tax with individual tax rates as components. (IMAGE) 

    For more on Xero tax rates please view it here

  7. Enable payment to your Xero account. If you want payments from PrognoStore to go to a different account from bank accounts in Xero which are by default enabled, you will need to enable payments into that account in Xero

In Xero:

  1. Go to Chart of accounts
  2. Locate the account you want to make payment to
  3. Click the enable payment box
  4. Save (IMAGE)


Activate the PrognoStore and Xero integration

  1. To connect your Xero account
  2. Go to Settings > Add Ons (IMAGE)
  3. Click on Add to PrognoStore (IMAGE)
  4. Click on Enable Xero (IMAGE)
  5. Log into your Xero account
  6. Select your organisation and click authorise (IMAGE)
  7. You will be redirected back to PrognoStore to the settings page. Then click on Settings (IMAGE)
  8. Next you will need to select which accounts to map your data to from PrognoStore to Xero


    • Inventory (IMAGE)
    • Sales (IMAGE)
    • Accounts for sales group (IMAGE)
    • Accounts for payment types (IMAGE)
    • Save your account mappings (IMAGE)


Using your PrognoStore and Xero Accounts

Now that your PrognoStore and Xero accounting software are integrated, transactions made in PrognoStore would now be synced to Xero.


Completing a sale

Carry out a normal sales order in PrognoStore. See how to make a sale here (link)

When you have completed the sale, information that will be transferred to Xero are:

  1. Register name
  2. Itemised sale
  3. Tax rate
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