Creating Register

Home > Settings > Create Register

To Create or add new Registers to your store navigate to the Create Registers under Settings then click on Create Register. 

  1. Under Register Name > Enter your Register name.
  2. Under Shortcut Layout > Select your chosen Layout from the drop-down menu. (For first set-up, select Default Layout).
  3. Under Layaway Fee > Enter your chosen attached with Layaway (Optional entry).
  4. Under Cut Off Time > Click to clock icon > Input your chosen time using the arrows to set the time in hours and minutes (Optional entry).
  5. Under Idle Time > Enter your chosen Register idle time.
  6. Under Outlet > Select your chosen Outlet from the drop-down menu > Optional select Cash In/Out.
  7. Under Receipt template > Select your chosen Receipt template from the drop-down menu > Optional select Email receipt > Optional select Print Receipt.
  8. Click Save.
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