What’s the difference between the Advisor, Implementor, Referrer and Developer Partner Model?

First things first, once approved all the models are certified partners. The only difference is that you suit a model that suits your business and this will help when we are also publishing your business name on our site.


The Advisor Model - You’re accustomed to advising your clients on the best tools and services to grow their businesses. Typically, you will be a Management Consultancy, Accountant or Bookkeeper. Now you can earn by guiding them to PrognoStore.


The Implementor Model - Typically, you will be an IT expert and accustomed to helping your clients implement the right technology and IT services. Now you can earn by setting them up with PrognoStore.


The Referral Model - This fits almost everyone. How many times have friends, colleagues or family lead us to find a good thing. Now you can earn by referring businesses who would benefit from PrognoStore. Once they sign up, you get paid! It’s that simple.


The Developer Model - This one is extra special! Got a great idea on how PrognoStore can improve by working alongside your business. Get in touch to discuss your ideas!


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