How to add discount to sale

Adding discount to sale

The Discount functionality will enable you to apply either an absolute amount or a percentage rate to a sale transaction. You can apply separate discounts to the products for sale.

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To apply a discount to a sale 

  1. On the ongoing sale (You can read how to make a sale here)
  2. Click on the Discount button 
  3. A popup window comes up that allows you to either select % rate  or absolute amount 
  4. Based on the option selected above, enter a value in the Amount box, say 10 for % rate or 100 for absolute amount Add_discounts_to_sale.png
  5. You can then select Back to Sale to exit or Apply to add the discounts to the sale 

 This is a quick video guide on adding discount to a sale

Here is a quick video guide on adding discounts to individual products during a sale 

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